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Helen Wu Tai-Chi Studio

吴小蓉体疗工作室 - 返本归真,祛病延年 


The True Source of Tai-Chi, Therapeutic Chi-Kung

Wang’s Therapeutic Self-Acupressure and Traditional Kung-Fu



Chinese Martial Arts & Chinese Medicine
Combined Teaching System 


“Wu Yi Jie He,” translated as “Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese Medicine Combined Healing System.” It is a method within which healing and training are combined together for prevention of illness and to promote health. Among the founders of this system, some have been known as martial artists, some as doctors, others as both martial artists and doctors, but without exception, each person had been trained in both martial arts and Chinese medicine.

Also, three generations of people added to martial arts, medicine and to cultivation, making it more complete. The original creators developed their forms from the martial arts and then took their learning to hospitals and to universities and teaching systems. They brought these martial arts and healing arts from China to the rest of the world.

王氏武医结合的教学体系, 源于中国,造福人类。它在中医与武术专业领域中,贡献卓越。



Special Message from Master Helen Wu: 


It is my hope that this system can be passed on to any sincere practitioner who recognizes the value of good health, self-discipline and the preservation of authentic, traditional arts for quality of life.

There is an old Chinese poem that describes strength of character by invoking two different images: Strength of character is like a fine sword blade, which is tempered in fire. But it is also like the plum blossom, which produces a sweet scent in February, when it is cold and snow lies on the ground.

I left Shanghai Teachers University in 1989 and came to North America. I experienced a culture shock in what was an entirely new and challenging environment. That old poem suddenly meant so much to me, as I found myself growing and maturing in response to the trials I faced. My experiences in North America, the challenges and the adversity have helped to temper my spirit….

The School of Kinesiology and Health Science at York University, Canada, has greatly broadened my ability to help people enhance their health and well-being, and to train the young people who will have to much to offer this nation in the field of health care. I am so happy that the eastern martial and healing arts are receiving the academic recognition they deserve.

Finally, I hope our programs will serve as a companion for you as you set out on your journey of discovery in Tai-Chi, Chi-Kung and traditional Kung-Fu

“合抱之木,生於毫末;九层之台,起於累土;千里之行,始於足下。慎终如始,则无败事。” 但愿我们大家都能青山不老,绿水常流;共通攀登“练功养生,祛病延年”高峰!

Thank you very much for your support!


Helen Wu (吴小蓉)
The School of Kinesiology & Health Science, York University
Toronto, Canada