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Master Wu - treating lower back pain

Ancient Rehabilitation


Ancient Rehabilitation Methods for Your Good Health Today

“Rehabilitate” means to restore to good health and useful life as well as to recover lost capacities while reversing effects of illness, injury, disease, or chronic overstress. While 21st century health professionals usually refer their clients or patients to separate specialists for physical, sensory, emotional, or psychological therapies, these Ancient Rehabilitation techniques heal through methods based on treating the “whole person” identified in the first Chinese medical text from two millennia ago, Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen (trans. The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine). This text is considered the earliest literary source material on traditional Chinese medical theory and practices inscribed and refined between 2700 BCE and 100 BCE. These techniques have been transformed by experiment, application, evidence and innovation over the course of centuries to produce remarkable results now being recognized and researched in the West. The original observations assumed the wisdom of the body which coincides exactly with that of Hippocrates, father of Western medicine, who stated “Nature heals, the physician assists.” The principles of these ancient methods seek to harmonize and enhance natural resources of the body without intrusive drugs or invasive treatments for awakening/restoring innate capacities with directed motion.


Chi-Kung Meditation for Healing – Certified Students

Lubo, Greta and Kriss Petrounov

Modern Diseases, Ancient Remedies

The word “stress” was not used to refer to physical, emotional, or mental demands on humans until the 1930′s when it was recognized as a consequence of the person to respond adequately to perceived threats with arousal of the body to protect the person. However, the conditions of our current lifestyle fails to alleviate the constant increases of stressors in our work, home-life, leisure, and society in general so that we fail at recovering a dynamic equilibrium between effort and recovery. Now the pace and increasing pressures intensify daily stresses excessively, resulting in depression, fatique, underperformance, and overall lack of energy.

Some experts estimate that “distress” is an essential factor in up to 80% of current diseases, but no one disputes that overstress exhausts the body’s defenses and overloads the immune system. While the present-day stress epidemic attacks the key balance of mind/body unity, the roots of this unseen factor manifest as physical symptoms such as migraines, pain in lower back/neck/shoulders, heartburn, and a range of digestive disorders or else as depression or constant fatigue known as ‘burnout.’ Especially in mid-life with its conflicting responsibilities, people become acutely susceptible to stress as ‘distress.’ The challenges of managing work-life while raising children, coping with increasing financial uncertainties or unavoidable responsibilities while possibly caring for aging parents as well as demanding family schedules—all these ingredients along with a thousand other sources of pressures small and great, from gridlock to disruptive media, combine to trigger injuries physical, emotional, psychological and interpersonal.

At this stage of our lives many of us push our bodies too hard for too long and too far to perform without proper rest, leisure, recreation, or recovery. We overtrain or experiment with dangerous or extreme forms of exercise, supplements, nutrition, or quick fixes in a desperate attempt to drink from the fountain of youth, trying to restore the energy we felt when we were younger. In fact, the actual key to sustaining vigorous, active, vibrant, and resilient health is to work inward with what we already have from nature. Ancient Rehabilitation techniques attune us to our vast reservoirs of energy and recovery within us when we release the imprinted wisdom of the body through the progressive conditioning methods of the consecutive sessions.

The programme of sessions for private consultation counters the exhaustion of our life-force through renewal instead of replacement. It is designed to accommodate the needs of those who choose to explore and access their inner resources without prescriptions or without extensive therapies. The individual sets of skill-acquisitions for those interested in this ancient path of tested techniques can be practiced afterward with positive benefits for one’s whole lifetime once they are properly learned.

As well, these can be specifically adapted to particular situations of intense stress so that it can be immediately resisted and eventually resolved without disturbing the dynamic equilibrium best for the person, known as “homeostasis” in the West and “harmonizing” in traditional Chinese medicine. Those sets of skilled performance are practiced in separate methodical approaches such as “Self-Directed Health Protection,” “Chronic Pain Reduction & Elimination,” and “Self-Directed Healing.”

Master Helen Wu will introduce you to these healing modalities of these Ancient Rehabilitation techniques in her session on the “Art of Self-Healing.” Then she will guide you in training yourself with progressive sessions instructing you in sustaining your mastery of the “Path of Self-Therapy.” Subsequent sessions following the initial instruction reinforce the learning so that with her consultation you feel yourself practicing confidently the methods resulting in “Living, not Surviving.” By blending the specific skills of ending pain, you no longer react to overstress or even respond to it, but reflexively activate effective practices of “Lifelong Care.” The goal of the whole sequence of consultation and guidance empowers you to restore good health for a useful and fulfilling life at the first symptoms of fatigue or discomfort. What you learn to do is to uplift your own energy reservoir skilfully to reduce the stress and counter the oncoming fatigue without resisting or succumbing to it. Master Wu translates into your daily life the wisdom of the human body through the principles and practices expresses in these Ancient Rehabilitation. techniques. From so long ago she offers you contemporary knowledge of how to insulate yourself against the harm of distress through well-documented methods of blending with the injurious stressors you face each day so you can transform that threat into a source of your own energy.

After the first session you yourself will feel the difference between surviving life as trying to cope with overstress and the fulfilling balance of living life fully while you are alive. After all, life is not time-management, it is really energy-management. Rather than let intensifying stresses devour your energy, contact Master Helen Wu for consultation on Ancient Rehabilitation techniques for mastering as a whole person the Art of Living through the wisdom of your own body enhanced by the insights of the key to balancing your energy with these methods.

Consultation Fee:  $80 / hour

Please call Master Helen Wu for your appointment. Master Wu may be contacted at: (416) 919-7652