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真源太极 Zhen-Yuan Tai-Chi (The True Source of Tai-Chi)


What is Zhen-Yuan Tai-Chi?

Zhen Yuan Tai-Chi means the true source of Tai-Chi; also it is Master Simon Hu’s training system.

Master Hu reveals his superior focus on the philosophy of tai-chi theory for meditation and health.  He shows the Way through his teaching of balance for optimal health. He studies the “Tao Te Ching” as a sourcebook that examines the subtler undercurrents of flowing energy ranging from quantum mechanics to whirling galaxies. Master Simon Hu disciplined meditations connect martial arts practise with healing techniques like Chi-Kung and daily self-cultivation following the Tao.  The recognition of the human meridian system that forms the energy-body uncovers the singular essence of energy as unified.  The more you can feel it, the more you sense the spiritual in the physical moves so that path to enlightenment opens one’s capacity for the highest quality of life.

Class - meditation

Master Simon Hu - meditation




Tai-Chi, Chi-Kung and

Self-Acupressure Classes

Location: 100 Bain Ave. 29 Lindens, Toronto, ON M4K 1E8

(For new students, please phone Mr. Grant Mackinnon at

416-278-1865. Because the venue is hidden in a residential area, he will help you find the training room.)






Every Friday

7:00 – 8:00 PM – Therapeutic Chi-Kung, Tai-Chi and Self-Acupressure

The class will begin with Chi-Kung training followed by The True Source of Tai-Chi Chuan and Self-Acupressure. Therapeutic Chi-Kung can be used to relieve neck, shoulder and back pain, and also for the healing of chronic illnesses such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s-related syndromes.

Self-Acupressure, a special therapy, is part of traditional Chinese medicine that can treat some conditions using acupuncture points and specific stimulating lines. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, such techniques can promote vital energy and blood circulation. As a result, the injured structures can be repaired and the impaired functions can be improved. Master Hu will teach students how to use acupressure to heal and prevent illness.

8:00 – 9:00 PM – Tai-Chi (Chen Style) and Meditation Techniques

The True Source of Tai-Chi Chuan and Meditation is Master Simon Hu’s training system. In this class, Master Simon Hu’s disciplined meditations unite martial arts practice with healing techniques like Chi-Kung and daily self-growth following the Tao. Students will learn to understand how to make peace with the universe, and to combine the mind, the body and spirit together into one. In this class, students will also learn traditional Chen-style Tai-Chi Chuan.



$125 for joining 1-hour class;
$195 for joining 2-hour classes

New Students Please add $50 for a T-shirt & Training Pants.



Master Helen Wu at 416-919-7652;

Mr. Grant Mackinnon at 416-278-1865;



Uniform, Text, DVD, Fan & Sword etc. are available in class.
The fee is non-refundable once classes have started.
Classes run whole year round.