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Chi-Kung Instructor


Private Certification Workshop:

Wang’s Therapeutic Chi-Kung Instructor (10-hour Program)



Workshop Description: 

Private certification workshops of Wang’s Chi-Kung instructor will be offered at Grandmaster Helen Wu’s Tai-Chi Studio. Grandmaster Helen Wu and Grandmaster Simon Hu will teach a maximum of up to three students per class for each workshop. Students will learn  ‘Wu-Yi-Jie-He,’ a combined training system for martial and healing arts on a path of self-therapy and natural healing. Students will become qualified teachers to continue Wang’s Therapeutic Chi-Kung training system in order to maximize optimal health and wellness.

The program presented here is not only based on ancient Chinese martial and healing arts, but also incorporates the teachings of Dr. Zi-Ping Wang, Professor Ju-Rong Wang, Dr. Cheng-De Wu, Grandmaster Helen Wu and Grandmaster Simon Hu, reflecting on decades of clinical and teaching experience. It promotes vital energy accumulation and blood circulation. As a result, you can build a healthy body and also raise your immune system. You can reduce the amount of excessive stress. You can experience a quality life.

Training Location: 27 Felicity Drive, Scarborough, Ontario, M1H 1E2, Canada.

Fee and Payment Methods: $1,000 (10-hour workshop) per student. Including textbook. $250 / session; students may pay with certified cheque or cash to Grandmaster Helen Wu  at each workshop.

Fee and Payment Methods for International students: US$1,000 (10-hour workshop) students may pay with certified cheque or cash to Grandmaster Helen Wu  at the first workshop.

Class Time: Students could book the class time that fits their time schedule.

Registration: Please contact Grandmaster Helen Wu, Cell: 416-919-7652, E-mail:

Please note: Students will not be penalized for failing to complete the training program, but may resume their training in the future, from whatever point they reached, in order to acquire the certification.


                                           Workshops Schedule (A maximum of two students per class for each workshop.)


Class Time



Workshop 1 2.5-hour Class Part 1: History, Lineage and Healing Techniques of Wang”s Therapeutic Chi-Kung
Part 2: Wang’s Therapeutic Chi-Kung Training Routine (Posture 1 – 12)

Helen Wu

Workshop 2 2.5-hour Class Part 3: Wang’s Therapeutic Chi-Kung Training Routine (Posture 13 – 24)
Part 4: Practicing Therapeutic Chi-Kung (Posture 1 – 24)

Helen Wu

Workshop 3 2.5-hour Class Part 5: Specific Points of Self-Acupressure for Chi-Kung Instructor
Part 6: Effective Exercises for Relieving Blockages in the Meridians (Exercises: 1 – 9)

Simon Hu

Workshop 4 2.5-hour Class Part 7: Practicing and Reviewing Therapeutic Chi-Kung;Teaching Tips for Chi-Kung Instructor
Part 8: Exam and Certification

Wu & Hu