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Professor Greg Malszecki, 2011


Recommendations by

Dr. Gregory Malszecki, Ph.D
Senior Scholar, School of Kinesiology & Health Science
Faculty of Health
York University


Master Helen Wu  (吴小蓉老师)

It is an honour to introduce Master Helen Wu as I have over many years to my students at York University’s School of Kinesiology and Health Science as our esteemed guest lecturer.  Master Wu has now been teaching at the School since 2003 with courses in Tai-Chi, Chi-Kung, and Kung-Fu.  She guides students into a deeply felt (but also structured) investigation that explores the possibilities of both power and grace when the martial arts is presented as a health practice.  Her teaching harmonizes and bridges understanding of the connections between body, mind, and spirit from the East to our Western communities.

Master Wu invites her students to join her as she performs her knowledge and skills, a Third-generation martial artist from China.  She provides the support for students to travel confidently between East and West.  She knows from her own pioneering life in Canada the difficulties and anxieties of all who travel in hope between contrasting worlds.  She has made this journey by relying on her resources of courage, determination, and energy from a lifetime of disciplined training.  These traits are the essence of Master Wu’s gift by vivid example and caring attention to her students, who also learn to work hard and stay determined.  In 2008, she was certified as one of the top 100 extraordinary Wushu educators in the world.   Her practice as a teacher is pure joy in motion.

Master Helen Wu - Tai-Chi Double Sword

Master Wu’s high level of qualifications begins with her family lineage.  She was trained in Shanghai from a very young age by her grandfather, Wang Zi Ping (1881-1973), famous martial artist and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.  He developed forms that became popular, and he became combat instructor for the Nationalist Army.  He also taught as head teacher at the first National School of Martial Arts in Nanjing.  His daughter and Master Wu’s mother, Grandmaster & Prof. Wang Ju Rong (1928-2005), became one of the most highly regarded women in Chinese martial arts.  She originated the Flying Rainbow Fan Form, was a gold medallist at the 1953 National Wushu Competition, and also the first female professor of martial arts at a Chinese university.  She immigrated to the United States and spent many years as an international judge in Wushu and archery.  Master Wu’s esteemed father, Dr. Wu Chen De, was the first coach of the Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine College Wushu team, where he was also professor and director.  He taught healing arts of TCM to his daughter, which he combines with his martial arts teaching, now practising still for many years in Houston.

Starting at three years old in this family of masters, Master Wu had perfected her technique in many weapon forms by the time she was ten.  She especially loved the fan and sword.  Graduating in 1982 in Physical Education from Shanghai Teachers University, she was invited to stay as lecturer in sports medicine; she extended her studies into children’s fitness, as well as rehabilitation and exercise physiology.   The healing arts constitute her approach to Tai Chi; her emphasis is on optimal health.  Master Wu has published widely, articles in journals and books on Wushu, Tai Chi, and related fields.    The learning never ends for her.

In 1989, Master Wu became an early arrival of this period from China to Canada.  In this new life, she has fulfilled her dream of bringing her expertise to North Americans.  In her first years she concentrated her after-hour efforts at perfecting the Flying Rainbow Fan, the majestic form originated by her mother.   Doors began to open.  There were invitations to share her art.  She was introduced to her new audiences through magazines and television coverage of her elegant performances and demonstrations.  She lectured at hospitals and universities on the benefits of martial arts and on Eastern theories of the body.  She has served as referee and judge for international competitions, as a board member of the Canadian Taijiquan Federation, and the United Wushu Federation of Canada.

Master Wu as a teacher embodies the ideals of a skilled martial artist and health expert together with those of a positive, caring individual with excellent humour. She is honoured as the most highly rated practicum instructor at York University’s School of Kinesiology and Health Science.   There is none better.

Poem by Master Hu - Training Goals

Master Helen Wu  offers her students and clients increased energy, enhanced balance, relief from stress, heightened confidence, and methods of daily self-cultivation together with progressive ability in Tai-Chi and Chi-Kung.

When I asked Master Wu what her secret was, she stated simply “Working hard!” Master Helen Wu  shows in her splendid skill and knowledge a compelling example of how we all can achieve abundant health through these sublime arts that they share with all who desire to learn, practice, and achieve.


Master Simon Hu (胡泽华老师)


Master Simon Hu, also trained in the lineage of Grandmaster Wang Zi Ping and Prof. Wang Ju Rong, is a superb teacher of Tai-Chi, Qi Gong, and Kung Fu. His teachers also

include the eminent Chinese Tai-Chi Grandmaster Liu-Xin Gu and Grandmaster Bin-Quan He. I have been for many years one of his numerous fortunate students who are introduced not only to the effective techniques but as well to the sublimely meditative aspects of these arts

Master Hu began his training inChinain 1968. While attracted to and adept in the techniques and martial aspects of Kung Fu and Tai-Chi, he also identifies strongly with these practices as a path towards spiritual awakening, signified by personal energy and health that can be extended to others. For two years he travelled the countryside as a “barefoot doctor” for rural residents,

treating them with not only basic medicines but also techniques of recovery from his growing expertise. He then worked in a factory inAnhuiProvincewhile continuing to practice martial arts. He returned to his instruction as an outstanding student under Wang Ju Rong inShanghai.

Master Hu immigrated toCanadain 1990. He has been active in the overseas Chinese martial arts community as judge in bothCanadaand theUSA. In the intimacy of his classes and private sessions, he reveals his superior focus on the philosophy of tai chi theory for meditation and health. He shows the Way through his teaching of balance for optimal health and his perfect performance of form. He still studies the “Tao Te Ching” as a sourcebook that examines the subtler undercurrents of flowing energy ranging from quantum mechanics to whirling galaxies. His disciplined meditations connect martial arts practise with healing techniques like Qi Gong and daily self-cultivation following the Tao. The recognition of the human meridian system that forms the energy-body uncovers the singular essence of energy as unified. The more you can feel it, the more you sense the spiritual in the physical moves so that path to enlightenment opens one’s capacity for the highest quality of life. Health means wholeness as integration of body/mind/spirit.

As Master Simon Hu trains his students in Tai Chi theory, martial arts forms, and Qi Gong practices, his students see in his form the truth of the words he expresses to instruct on how to access the prime energy that is the Way. To see his beautiful stillness in motion is to understand there is much, much more than meets the eye. Once seen, never forgotten.

Master Simon Hu offers his students and clients increased energy, enhanced balance, relief from stress, heightened confidence, and methods of daily self-cultivation together with progressive ability in Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Master Simon Hu shows in his splendid skill and knowledge a compelling example of how we all can achieve abundant health through these sublime arts that he shares with all who desire to learn, practice, and achieve.